Sunday, October 25, 2009

How do guys hide their boners?

I know you wear baggy pants, but does that work? Or is there more to it?
i don't wear baggy pants...i wear pants that fit...all i do is tuck it up so it is between my pants/boxers pointing up towards the belly button and it is not noticed unless the shirt i am wearing is really tight.
my hubby says they just don't stand up.
some guys wear skin layered pants i know cuz i have seen some. and some guys just wear pants that are big.
Not sure about the baggy pants part, but we mostly either workout to hide our bones with musscle, eat a bit more than usual to hide with a bit of fat, or a combination of the two.
Pop and tuck method - Stick the top under your wasteband, that gives u the freedom to walk around and stuff
Most guys don't care what people think about their boners. If they want to hide it the usually shift it over to the side and place their hands in their lap if sitting.
My boyfriend says it comes from practice, and a little adjusting.
they hide them in their pockets.
if ur at school, use a book u are carrying to kind of hide it.
Another horney 14 year old girl topic? %26gt;.%26gt; How immature...
there tuch there peince in there top part of there pance where the belt. it works
yup we just pull it up realy fast which we learn ot do after many years of practice and we pull it up fast and let it chill on the area where the best buckle is suppose to be...
went it hard it hard to hide,lol
sit still and try to lose it or..
walk around with your **** showing like a ***
I like to hide mine in my mate.
i hide it in your vagina
Fortuanetly, mine isn't that big to hide.
One of the benefits of having an average one.
if its really bad you'll keel over - lol

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