Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How do i make my penis more straight?

My penis while erect goes straight out and has a little downward curve at the end. It's normal, also there are alot of girls that love the curve alot more. They say they can feel it alot better when they are on top.
Well, you could always buy a penis straightner online. But if not when you're ******* try and make sure your at a straighter angle. When you wack off, keep your dick straight, it may take longer but soon you'll get use to it.
u cant sorry
There are basically 2 ways... using an extender to straighten it or surgery. Extender will run you $300-400, surgery $5000+.

I recommend this extender http://www.blakereviews.com/link/sizegen... It can cure up to 70% of all penile deviations (curves) It can also increase length substantially. I gained 2.5" with it, thats why I recommend it.
Why would you want to-contrary to the popular opinion, very few penises are straight.

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